We’ve only played Laser Tag indoors where it is dark. Can you play outside in the daylight?
Yes, since our equipment is commercial outdoor gear you can play during the day or at night. You can also play indoors as well.
How do you know when you’ve been hit?
Each tagger has at least three sensors and they flash red when your tagger has been hit. The tagger also speaks to you and you hear, ‘Ugh’ when your tagger has been tagged.
How do you know when you have tagged another player?
Their tagger will also light up alerting that they have been tagged.
Other locations required a vest of some type when you are playing. Do you have vests?
We supply a fully adjustable headband that the three sensors attach to via Velcro. This is light weight and does not require additional clothing not to mention one size fits all.
Where can you play at and how much space do you need?
We suggest a backyard with many mature trees and shrubs (natural terrain) for optimal hiding and game play. If your yard does not offer that, look for a local park in your area. I recommend looking for the following: Great tree coverage, plenty of parking for your guests, public restrooms, picnic tables or a covered sitting area for your party and a play ground area for younger siblings.
It’s HOT in Texas during the summer? Do you offer any water type attractions?
Yes, we offer Water Tag and Foam Party rentals! Check out Our Rentals page for details.
Where do you deliver to?
We will deliver to anywhere in Cameron County at no charge. For delivery to Willacy County, or Hidalgo County, a $20 fuel surcharge will be added to total. For anything beyond, pleaase call and ask us for details.
Can I pick the taggers up myself?
Yes, of course! Events scheduled for the day may conflict with this so please ask us about the details when you call.

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